Virtual Car: Materials Research Memo

This is a group assignment. The purpose is:
  1. To report the materials that your group has chosen to try designing your car with (it's ok if you decide to try something different later on).

  2. To report the physical properties of these materials after doing the Materials Research procedures.

Now that you have thought about the types of materials to use, and researched their properties, please describe the materials and the properties you have found. Use the evaluation table as a guide for your work.

Divide the memo into two sections: one for discussing your choice of materials and why you chose them, and another for reporting the physical properties and how you found them.

At the end of the memo, there should be a single table (with a caption of course) showing the values for each property.

Refer to all tables at the proper place in the text.

Virtual Car Project - Measurement Research Memo Evaluation Table

Category Possible
Writing Quality and Format 20
Choice of Materials and Why: --
Board 10
Spring 10
Axles 10
Physical Properties: --
Board Density, Thickness 10
Spring Density, Thickness, max torque 10
Axle Density 10
Friction Coefficient of Tread 10
Table Showing all Physical Properties 10